The latest and most robust PWM to join the PWM.ONE family!  Now fully supporting 2s to 6s input sources!

Designed for easy installation in commonly available pre-milled enclosures, and now includes screw mounts.

Traditional PWM and Wattage modes are now available via user menu activated by the middle button.

Idle power consumption has been drastically reduced to under 150uA, well below previous versions that had battery leak-down conditions.  Deep Sleep will automatically enable to reduce the chance of battery idle drain.

Increased on-board memory now allows for nearly error-proof updating as well as an 'always available' firmware recovery that does not require a computer.  If for some reason a glitch occurs, the user can trigger a re-flash to factory firmware with a simple power-up procedure.

PWM.ONE is customizable and updatable via USB connection.  PC, Mac, and Android(USB-OTG) 


  • 65k Color 0.96" TFT Display (Optional 1.14" for borderless display in pre-milled DNA250c-style enclosures)
  • Traditional PWM and Wattage adjustable modes
  • Automatic Input Detection for 2s to 6s sources
  • Fast-Lock, Deep-Sleep and 5-Click Unlock
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off (Auto & Configurable)
  • Voltage Display of Resting, Requested, and Loaded
  • Adjustable Increment Output Settings
  • Adjustable Fire Safety Shutdown
  • Aux pads to allow for accessory outputs like LED switches, etc.
  • Customizable Screen Graphics
  • Firmware Updates via Micro USB
  • Designed for Ease of Installation & Commonly Available Pre-milled Enclosures

11/25/2021 -> Series-7 Boards are being produced via pre-order - shipments expected by 12/3/2021.  Board mount in pictures may vary slightly at time of shipping, but all clearance dimensions will remain the same as specified.

-- PWM.ONE boards ordered directly from PWM.ONE or Snortin Boar Manufacturing will be bulk packaged and will not include retail packaging or items supplied by resellers, and will take 3-5 days to assemble, test, and ship.  The component labeled 'Expansion Module' MUST be installed and in the correct polarity for wattage and current limiting functions to operate correctly. P1/SBM is not responsible for incorrectly positioned required modules.  RemoteFET mosfet is subject to change based on availability and may be substituted with a comparable replacement at the time of shipping.

* Due to the mosfet being remotely mounted and outside of the high current path, the only restriction on PWM.ONE operation and capability is the supply voltage to power the board.

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