Now including the 'Expansion Module' at no additional cost!

New for 2021 is the baddest and most advanced PWM you'd ever imagine -- designed for easy installation in commonly available pre-milled enclosures

Now with improved specifications that exceed other PWM's in it's class, not restricted by pre-selected on-board components*, and with a customizable color TFT Color display!

PWM.ONE is fully customizable and remote upgradeable via USB connection to a windows PC using our PWM.ONE Manager software.


  • 65k Color TFT Display
  • Automatic Input Detection for 2s to 5s sources
  • Fast-Lock and 5-Click Lock/Unlock
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off (Auto & Configurable)
  • Voltage Display of Resting, Requested, and Loaded
  • Adjustable Increment Output Settings
  • Adjustable Fire Safety Shutdown
  • Customizable Screen Graphics and Fonts
  • Firmware Updates via Micro USB (PC Only)
  • Designed for Ease of Installation & Commonly Available Pre-milled Enclosures

06/2021 -> Series-6 Boards are being produced as parts become available. Some IC's used in fabrication of these boards have become globally unavailable, so a design change was made in order to use more readily  available components. Due to re-tooling and changes in assembly, please allow a few extra days for assembly for them to be shipped.

Expansion Module

The included 'Expansion Module will extend the capabilities of the PWM.ONE to allow features like overcurrent protection, low-build limits, and more.  Other options and features in upcoming firmware releases will increase the functionality and capabilities beyond the constraints of your average pwm build.  The expansion module must be ordered along with your PWM.ONE board so the firmware includes the initial features supported.

PWM.ONE User/Install Guide

PWM.ONE Manager PC Application

-- PWM.ONE boards ordered directly from PWM.ONE or Snortin Boar Manufacturing will be bulk packaged and will not include retail packaging or items supplied by resellers, and will take 3-5 days to assemble, test, and ship.

* Due to the mosfet being remotely mounted and outside of the high current path, the only restriction on PWM.ONE operation and capability is the supply voltage to power the board.

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